Get to know Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service.

The Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service is a solution designed to support the financial planning of small, medium and large enterprises worldwide.

ORACLE PBCS (Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service) is a modern web system. It provides a simple interface with Microsoft Office that makes finance, sales and operations planning easy in various industries.

This is a complete solution for planning and budgeting with precision on the Cloud

Implementing ORACLE PBCS allowed over 1.000 businesses of all segments and sizes to adopt world class planning and budgeting applications without infrastructure investment (CAPEX).

Moreover, the solution does not have a learning curve and is flexible when your business demands customized developments.

Integrated planning of enterprise resources processes

Through the use of powerful calculation engineering, ORACLE PBCS reaches a high level of business logic functions with fast performance. It generates instant analysis and reports and provides user-defined tasks, customized navigation flows that fit the needs of different user groups.

Implementing the solution is easy and may be delivered within a few weeks for a planning process bottoms-up or top-down, using methods based on guidelines or conventional planning.

Most companies work their financial plans using spreadsheets that are exchanged along the line by different areas and teams. 

ORACLE PBCS makes budget planning easier for the whole enterprise and to each of its business units or departments. It provides Excel and Web-Excel planning models. Sales, operations ans strategic planning may be liked to long and short term financial plans.

A model that is robust and secure with predictive analysis

Enterprises face fast changes in their business environment. Demand becomes volatile, costs fluctuate and vendors are on the move. In order to stay ahead of the competition each business needs to understand those financial and operational changes and their models as fast as possible.

ORACLE PBCS provides sophisticated analysis of models and predictions by letting users try multiple versions. The system even has an assistant that makes the predictive process based on user actions simple.

Connect a large user community with an intuitive and mobile ready interface

ORACLE PBCS uses modern HTML-5 browser based interfaces to enable business users to see plans and reports online or on their mobile devices.

Interface capacity is kept consistent with other ORACLE CLOUD solutions to ensure a consistent experience and vision. A robust dashboard lets users create reports to support analysis and planning.

Leverage existent competences through integration with Microsoft Office

ORACLE PBCS offers integration with Microsoft Office tool such as Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint using Smartview capabilities for Office additions.

Users may use Excel as their modeling environment to add customized members in real time and share data using Excel with ad-hoc base.

Users may also create data grids through Excel formulas and formats.

The planning of common actions like disclosure and allocation are available within Microsoft Excel planning data. Moreover, user may integrate all data from Oracle’s solution straight into Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word reports.

Your team may create highly customized documents and put together presentations with precise information. Users may also update their reports every time subjacent data is changed

The final result: less manual intervention, better data integrity and more precise reports.

Integrate planning and management of reports perfectly

Reports and KPI dashboards that show plans, forecasts and updated data may be put together in minutes. Every change in ORACLE PBCS data will reflect automatically in the reports and dashboards content. Using a web interface, users may access easy-to-use dashboards, interactive analytics and richly formatted financial reports while they interface with the planning system.

Adopt speed with specific Cloud characteristics

In today’s dynamics business environment, organizations cannot afford long implementation cycles. They need to put new application software to work fast. ORACLE PBCS incorporates a series of specific cloud characteristics and become extremely easy to operate by users, with no need for training