The pharmaceutical sector has been growing strongly in last years.

In a market of  US$80 billion / year, this industry has innovation as a key feature, producing a range of new products periodically.

As a result, the industry has been intensively adopting the Digital Transformation   in their business processes.

The technology, used as a tool to improve the company’s  processes, revolutionizes business and operational management, reducing costs, engaging more customers and optimizing the processes of purchasing, production, quality control, distribution and new products development.

The focus of this revolution is  the new consumer profile of this new era: innovative, fast, demander of online solutions to solve their daily problems and tasks and engaged with companies, brands and products.

The main benefits that can be obtained with a digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry are:

  • More safety and efficiency in the production and storage of several types of chemicals substances.
  • Increased control, prediction and management of risks situations, incidents or wasted of chemicals substances.
  • An overview of replenishment / depletion of raw materials.
  • Greater monitoring of assets life cycle and maintenance (production line machines, equipment, )

Segment PharmaceuticalLet Know the Oracle JDEdwards’s Pharmaceutical Solution:

To address growth objectives of Pharmaceutical Industry, it is necessary to have an ERP solution that supports its operations as a whole.

Oracle JD Edwards is the ideal solution to drive your growth in this marketplace.

With JDE, you can simplify your time-to-market and improve communication and shared processes with your supply chain, as well as having control over every operational process and backoffice.

Due their complexity, the pharmaceutical industry operations demand a robust technology structure and specialists solutions, integrated with other business processes.

Oracle JDEdwards can deliver all the value you need for your business, assisting your growth strategy, automating your processes and controlling your operational area.