One of the main industries in Brazil, the Oil and Gas segment, has been investing heavily in the adoption of new technology in their activities.

With the advent of the digital age, new possibilities for convergence between IT and operational areas have emerged. In this way, companies can optimize the way they manage and connect information and data extracted from the processes, assets and environment in which they operate.

As an example of this technological advance we can mention the implementation of the Iot – internet of Things (technology which integrates machines and equipment, detecting, processing and reacting automatically to collected data), where the sector was one of the precursors in its adoption.

Because it is an industry with a complex business process, the use of technology can add a lot to address the challenges faced.

The topics below presents some of this challenges and how digital technology can solve them.

Dealing with seasonality (implying constant change in raw material costs)

Solution: Use fuel management technologies that integrate oil supply chain systems, and manage the storage and products transportation.

Regulatory control of environmental, health and safety standards.

Solution: The use of a solution that enables organizations to report and track occupational incidents, as well as handle accounting and reporting on environmental impacts.

Production Costs control and Profitability Predictability.

Solution: A solution that allows industrial processes delivered to companies lower cost formulations, allowing a general accounting view of what is being spent in the process.

Management a global and complex supply chain.

Solution: Provide advanced supply chain planning, strategic network optimization and production scheduling.

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