Traditionally, the manufacturing industry has invested heavily in the research and development of new products as a way to increase competitiveness in several markets.

The process, from conception to “time to market”, needs to occur quickly, avoiding “commoditization”.  

In this scenario, being associated with new technologies and innovation is essential  to guarantee a differential against the competition.

The Industry 4.0 concept address this constant need for innovation, using technological advances as an ally in competitiveness increased  and cost reduction.

The implementation of technological solutions for supply chain management (SCM) has become a key element to achieve efficiency in the management of this process as well as increasing the competitiveness of new products.

There are several advantages in using Industry 4.0 concepts, as follow:

  1. Reduction of costs – The reduction of costs is automatic since the sector has greater control of machines & equipment’s, production and raw material, through technology use.
  2. Saving energy, water and other resources – Using several innovative technologies, it is more feasible to ensure an accurate controlled process, and thereby reduce it to the essential for production.
  3. Economy of Resources – Following the same logic above, it is also possible to control resources, usiing only what is necessary for production.

These advantages are already a reality for several companies that have adhered to the Industry 4.0 technologies, as

Internet of Things, mobile technology and business management solutions.

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