Throughout history, technology has always provided significant advances to several companies in the management and control of information, optimizing their business processes, regardless of their segment or size.

In Engineering and Construction segment  this value began to be perceived early, since much of operational processes in this industry  already involve some kind of technology. So, it was only a matter of time until  this industry begin to adopt IT as a strategic tool.

The incentive for this adoption came with Digital Technology, and all the transformation it causes in the business processes of companies.

Segments such as Construction Material already invest in digital technology to optimize the supply chain and support the areas of research and development, manufacturing and distribution.

Although Engineering and Construction industry have a big segmentation, we can notice that some solutions work in the resolution of common areas, such as:

  • Construction and Installation Project Management,
  • Machines and equipment manangement,
  • Real Estate Management,
  • Budgeting and Forecasting.

With an integrated management solution, your company will obtain:

  • Greater accuracy in project management and their costs, enabling a greater predictability and budgets control.
  • Management of all procurement processes, ensuring the choice of the best suppliers, reduced costs, and higher quality of materials purchased.
  • Efficiency in the management of machines and equipment, by tracking their location, monitoring their use, optimization of maintenance process and reducing equipment downtime.
  • Standardization and automation of contracts between companies, service providers and customers, ensuring greater control of measurements, execution and payment conditions and products and services to be delivered.
  • Capital assets management, focus on maintain the control and security of all real estate assets.

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