Increase Profits with an Agile and Integrated ERP Solution

The manufacture and trade of commodities are complicated by market positions, contracts, currency shifts, operational risk and legal compliance. However, these challenges also present opportunities that the sector can take advantage of with the JD Edwards Commodity  Trading & Risk Management – CTRM Solution.

CTRM integrates contract management, risk management and supply chain functionality and is perfect for international trading and
production companies, and refineries. It fully integrates with the rest of the Oracle JD Edwards suite, giving management a clear overview of data, allowing for faster and better decision making.

With CTRM you have the power to create daily mark to market calculations, value at risk and create real time end to end margin analysis.

Integrated ERP & CTRM

An integrated ERP/CTRM solution such as CTRM offers the required support for all of the business processes of the various departments in your organization; Trading, Logistics and Finance. At the moment a colleague enters a transaction in the system, it is visible for all other users. Everyone looks real-time at the positions. These positions form the heart of CTRM.

Position Insight

The basis for every trader is its position. This position forms the heart of CTRM. Here, the contracts, logistics agreements, the prices, costs and all other important variables come together. Without knowing the exact position, they just can’t take the right decisions. CTRM
ensures realtime position information.

Risk Management

Your departments Logistics, Sales, Trading, Finance and Treasury have all kinds of information needs such as: ‘Where are my goods?’
Can I deliver on time?’, ‘Are my purchase or sales orders hedged’?. Realtime insight in positions, contracts, currency positions and the operational risk is crucial to the trading activities and is essential for managing risks. With CTRM you have this information available at any moment.

Contract Allocations

CTRM starts with purchase or sales contract entry, supports your future and currency hedging and by allocating contracts based on your own defined product specifications, you’re able to find and execute the perfect match. This allocation matching can be changed until the moment the contract is executed.


CTRM supports the ‘valuation’ functionality. With this Mark-to-Market principle you have insight in the current value of your contracts at the current market price.

Logistic Services

Logistics services such as storage and transport are crucial for an excellent customer experience and are supported by CTRM. Managing the goods flows and recording transactions in a logistics system ensures that clients remain satisfied, that they receive correct invoices and that the costs of storage and transport can be managed effectively.

BI & Analytics

CTRM contains a complete platform for Business Intelligence and Analytics. It offers you extensive interactive dashboards, ad-hoc queries,
mobile analyzes and reports, with which you are able to better manage your organization. The built-in solutions for proactive notification
and workflow ensure that everyone in the organization has the right information at the right time.



  • Real-time position insight
  • Risk Management
  • Logistic planning
  • Allocation and execution
  • Hedging functionality
  • Future and Forex Settlement


  • Fully integrated with Oracle JD Edwards
  • Real-time
  • One version of the truth
  • Workflow management
  • Mark-to-Market
  • Analytics & Reporting capabilities
  • Document handling
  • Traffic orders, shipping advice, weight reports
  • Sample and Quality management
  • Borrowing Base reporting
  • Risk management by using one system
  • End-to-end: from contract to cash
  • All departments work with one system
  • Integrated reporting & analytics

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