Quick and easy access to JD Edwards operating data with the most cost-effective solution on the market

Vigilens Reporting increases efficiency and effectiveness. Easy access to timely, relevant data empowers managers to make the right decisions. End-users work more efficiently because they can quickly and easily create JD Edwards operational reports, without the help of the IT team. No need for Cubes or SQL knowledge, whether you are in the back-office, on the production line or in the warehouse, with just the click of a button you get the data you need in the format and language that is convenient for you.

Examples of time-saving reports include:

• Stock control before the start of picking

• Stock control before the start of picking

• Pricing check before billing

• Backorder with stock available for sale

• Supplier invoice due

• Customer invoice due


Key Benefits

Our development team works closely with our clients to ensure the continuous delivery of relevant features. Our product roadmap is driven by real-world project experience using an agile methodology.

• Over 100 out-of-the-box queries and table joins pre-installed

• Over 100 out-of-the-box queries and table joins pre-installed

• Analyse and view data from JDE and non-JDE sources in a single report

• Easy to build your own queries and modify existing queries

• Queries can be run directly from 3rd party Applications such as Excel

• Queries accessible from E1 page and task menus• Easily share user generated reports and queries

• Automate report distribution

• Dynamic management of JD Edwards Security

• Multilingual interface and access to multilingual JDE data

JDE Projects & Go-Lives

Vigilens Reporting increases day-to-day efficiency but it can also be used by the IT team during JD Edwards projects (e.g.implementations, rollouts, upgrades). During JD Edwards projects Vigilens Reporting is used to:

• Easily extract the data that needs to be migrated

• Easily extract the data that needs to be migrated

• Ensure the integrity of the data extracted

• Validate the quality of migrated technical and functional data

Built for JD Edwards by JD Edwards Experts

Vigilens Reporting was developed for JD Edwards by JD Edwards experts. User adoption is optimised because the reports and queries are available from EnterpriseOne pages. Your JDE end-users will be running operational queries and reports with just a few hours training. No need to worry about security either because the tool incorporates native JDE security rules.

Operational Data at your fingertips

With Vigilens Reporting for JD Edwards, you can quickly and easily turn data into insight. Data quality and integrity can be monitored with Vigilens Reporting, empowering your team to take the right decisions based on the right data.

Vigilens Reporting drives operational excellence across all departments. With just the click of a button, you get the right data into the right hands, at the right time.

The solution empowers you with dashboards, ad-hoc queries, mobile analysis and reports for Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Sales.