No budget for technology services is free of interests and business strategy. The process of buying and selling is a science that balances the trading values, risks and deadlines.

Experience shows that even with all the care of senior professionals, problems happen. Dealing with unforeseen brings wear, delays and almost always extra costs.

This interesting TED’s presentation about the search engines fairness  caught our attention and serves as a good analogy for the problem which we live and the solution found.

In the lecture, the Swedish Andreas Ekström confirms the efficiency and reliability of Google when seeking objective information.  But when the search is guided to a subjective information, you need to interpret, evaluate and verify.


Watch the TED’s presentation here:

We live in a similar situation as in the moment  many companies are considering updates on their ERP Systems. Predicting services scope in  a JD Edwards upgrades is not simple and budgets need to have many premises.

For our budgets work as  a Google “objective search”, MPL brought to Brazil the Dimension Analyze – a solution that previously analyzes each line of code and establishes the precise scope of JD Edwards upgrade project.

With Dimension Analyze, every budget is precise in effort, value and time.

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