Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, Google’s ex-CEO, declared that “the internet will end up” at the World Economic Forum. He said: “There will be so many IP addresses and so many devices, sensors and things to wear, we’ll be interacting with them without even feel them, they are part of our presence all the time.” Eric mean the internet is increasingly inherent in our daily lives, especially now that we have the Internet of Things, a term used for devices that communicate with each other over the network, such as televisions, refrigerators and lamps. The evolution of ERP systems is inevitable, and MPL does everything to bring what is most modern to their customers. Already we offer JD Edwards in the Cloud and the next step is to use devices that use the network to cover all the demands needed in real time, from anywhere. JD Edwards’ next generation is precisely the compatibility with wearables and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Read more about the panel with Eric Schmidt on Business Insider.