Needs & Challenges

The negotiation process usually does not follow a structured model, and may have large variations due to the items purchased and the resources involved. Another relevant aspect is the lack of a formal record of all the activities carried out, where the information is in different sources such as emails, messaging applications, telephone contacts, etc.

Associated Cloud Procurement Solution

ORACLE Cloud Sourcing supports the negotiation process with suppliers, providing a structured process throughout the purchasing cycle, generating a more efficient negotiation.
With this solution, the company will be able to:

  • Reduce time by creating negotiations easily.
  • Accelerate adoption of best trading practices.
  • Improve standardization, collaboration and compliance.
  • Based on the financial record of all purchases made, propose cost reductions throughout the negotiation based on historical data.
  • Monitor suppliers’ bidding activities in real time.
  • Improve negotiation strategies and improve outcomes.
  • Create quotation manually in Sourcing.
  • Create quotation in Sourcing from the request of the Legacy System (WebService).
  • Register the negotiation with the Suppliers.
  • Contemplate the following types of auction: Reverse Auction, Request for Quotation and Request for Information.
  • Approve Quotation in Sourcing.
  • Create the Purchase Order in the Legacy System from Quotation in Sourcing (WebService).
  • Charge the supplier’s price catalog.
  • Send by E-mail to the Supplier.

ORACLE Cloud Social records all the activities carried out during the process, making traceability of all the activities of the negotiations possible, generating transparency in the interactions with suppliers.