This stage concerns the management of communication and relationship with suppliers, for all day-to-day updates regarding purchase orders, delivery and payment forecasts, etc.

Needs & Challenges

The follow-up process must support the evolution of the supply chain, allowing for anticipations of problems such as bottlenecks, slowness and product shortages, proactively acting on exceptions that require immediate attention. In addition to providing basic information to agents facilitating communication and optimizing the relationship.

Associated Cloud Procurement Solution

ORACLE Supplier Portal facilitates real-time collaboration between supplier and buyer by providing features such as proactive alert messages (stock thresholds, production lead times and deliveries), access to information that needs to be updated as new delivery dates or payment forecasts. In addition to all the monitoring of the status of requisitions and / or purchase orders.

ORACLE iSupplier generates all documentation after selecting the vendor, such as the Purchase Order, fully integrated with the customer’s ERP.