Needs & Challenges

The bigger challenge of the supply manager at this stage is to ensure the consistency and uniqueness of the database of products and services that can be purchased by the company. For each purchase process it is necessary to know if the demanded item, or the purchase opportunity, are properly registered. Without this information being aligned (that is, the same name, code and description for all suppliers), you run the risk of registering the same item several times, in several different ways, which can generate inconsistencies and errors in the orders sent for different suppliers.
In addition, the duplication of items in the registry creates difficulties in the analysis of purchases made, since the history will be presented in different items.

Associated Cloud Procurement Solution

ORACLE Product Hub Cloud Service creates business rules and item registration management policies to optimize it and increase its reliability. With this solution, the company will be able to:

  • Standardize the Registration Process through the use of Workflow.
  • Extend the Data model through the use of additional fields (ingredient data, market data, competitors’ data, regulatory data of your industry, other information relevant to the Product Register).
  • Categorize products to facilitate governance.
  • Implement governance rules (who can view, access and edit products).
  • Control versioning of items (change of characteristics keeping reference).