Oracle JD Edwards - Know the Most Flexible solution in the market

Know Oracle JDEdwards:

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides a seamless infrastructure, integrated applications, middleware and database, which helps your company realize the value of the Oracle JDE solution quickly.

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 New Functionalities

JD Edwards, version 9.2 comes with several functionalities that bring innovation for your company, such as:

  • Cafe One – Functionality that allows you to unify on a single screen, applications and queries, interacting with each other and without programming, maximizing productivity and minimizing errors and clicks
  • Drill Down – Allows data access at any stage of the process going back to detailed information originated in previous steps, even at the step 1 of the process.

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Oracle JD Edwards – Next Generation

The next generation of ERP Oracle JD Edwards has innovative features designed to improve the user experience and ease the integration of the areas of your company.

The main new features of the next generation of Oracle JD Edwards include compatibility with Wearables (Apple Watch and Google Glass) and mobile applications that allow access via mobile and tablet, essential for businesses that have spread teams and that perform external services, allowing you to have your business control in your hand. Integrations are also facilitated and adapted for “in-memory” use where information can be entered with Oracle JD Edwards offline and, when the device is reconnected, it synchronizes changes to your server. Currently, mobile applications cover areas of equipment maintenance, inventory, purchasing, project management, costs, contacts and health.

With new modules, such as the Rental Management, focused on the management of companies whose service is the rent of goods and services, and a new inventory management module, which covers from the order entry to the delivery to the customer. Reports are also easier to generate and view, ensuring all information necessary for quick decision-making, in the speed your company needs.

It also has new interface, more user friendly, and new features such as “in-memory” use, where information can be entered in Oracle JD Edwards offline and when the device is reconnected, synchronizes changes to your server.