Dimension Analyze™ is a software led service that enables customers to audit and estimate their EnterpriseOne upgrades to a level of accuracy previously unseen. It was first deployed in 2007 by an EnterpriseOne customer and has now been used by 50+ customers Worldwide. Today, it is the leading Audit & Scoping tool in the JD Edwards market place.

Dimension Extract™ gives you a high level view of your modified footprint which you can then cross-check against your own understanding of your JD Edwards E1 system.

Dimension Extract™ executable is sent to your E1 technical staff and the program identifies where all the modifications are located by interrogating both the Pristine and Production environments looking for the precise net change.

Based on the extract results, we provide the Preliminary Audit Report & Quotation. This contains our initial findings and a quote (fixed price) for our Dimension Analyze™ service.

Dimension Audit™ Service identifies all modifications, enhancements & extensions made to your EnterpriseOne system. The Audit will identify a list of objects for ‘Exclusion’. That is, Dimension suggests which objects should not be taken up to the target release along with a reason code.

Dimension Estimate™ leverages the information sourced during the Dimension Audit™ phase to produce a comprehensive report of our findings along with a detailed object-by-object estimate.

Dimension Analyze™ is unique in the JD Edwards market place today. No other product/service can drill down to the level of detail and understanding of a customer’s modified environment to produce such a detailed upgrade estimate.

The Dimension Estimate™ service uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate the time to uplift your “as is” modifications, enhancements and extensions from your current release to the “to” release.

Historically, the programming aspect of an upgrade has been the most difficult aspect to estimate. It can be very technical and quite complex and often contains hidden issues and “gotchas” that can increase the duration of the project, requiring re-funding and impacting on deadlines.

Dimension reduces the typical issues found mid-project by identifying them up-front.

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