Our Oracle Fusion Middleware solution suite offers an application range that can streamline your business bringing knowledge and governance combined to an unseen flexibility and speed.

Starting with Business Process Management (BPM), which will generate a complete mapping of your company’s business processes, allowing a detailed analysis with flaws or inefficiency identification, optimizing the model and putting it into practice.

If the BPM solution needs greater agility to meet the changes generated by the business, it is time to study a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution, which will simplify and reduce the new functionalities development time allowing an unprecedented reuse of already existing applications.

Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions are the only Hot-Pluggable in the market, easily integrating with a huge diversity of exiting systems.

Find out more about the solutions we offer:

Business Process Management (BPM) allies business management with information technology. This marriage allows business processes mapping and documentation, which can be analyzed and optimized in practice, generating more control and more agility and less costs, allowing your company to react more efficiently to market changes.
Oracle has custom made tools to meet your BPM needs during every process step: Analysis, Documentation, Optimization, Implementation and Monitoring.
Oracle BPA (Business Process Analysis) Suite performs your business processes mapping for full visualization, identification and analysis of inefficient flow, remodeling each point for best performance.
Oracle BPM brings the tools necessary to ensure implementation and the correct progress of the model as well as results monitoring.
Using Java based technology, it is simple to install and it can start operating quickly.
The Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a set IT system organization practices that allows great agility on delivering demands generated by the business, reducing costs and making the IT area more dynamic in your company.
The agility is a result of a simplified process for new functionalities creation, unprecedented level of systems integration, reuse in large programming scale and the possibility of interchanging functionalities through the company areas.
All these advantages allow working with smaller IT teams that will meet the business needs using less resources and with shorter terms.
BPM (Business Process Management) implementation, integral part of SOA implementation, offers a complete view of the company activities allowing the optimization of all the processes, ensuring and monitoring the correct changes application, combining performance and governance.
Oracle SOA Suite offers a complete tool set for Service Oriented Architecture implementation in your company, allowing the operation to start in a short term.
Oracle Data Integrator offers one of the most comprehensive integration and data management solutions in the current market. It provides a solution completely unified for building, dissemination and management for Data Warehouse complex environments. Additionally, it acts in the automation of migration and data movement ensuring that the information is updated, precise and consistent through complex systems.