MPL Corporate Software, in partnership with Oracle and Amazon Web Services (AWS), released ERP Oracle In The Cloud solution, a SaaS (Software as a Service) implementation of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

ERP in the cloud


ERP Oracle in the Cloud is the ideal solution of business management for small and medium-sized enterprises. The offer is part of a package of high quality services with an innovative deployment process, the solution is offered as a service: simple, fast, safe and complete.



The implementation uses an accelerator template and MPL optimized methodology, which guarantees it to be performed quickly, with a term from 10 weeks. The template optimizes the need of settings and facilitates training on the tool, making the entire process faster and more reliable, with excellent final result and without surprises.

To ensure the quality of the implementation, MPL thought on some important differentiators:

  • Detailed Teaching Material: all business processes implemented are mapped step by step in electronic media, that is delivered during the trainings and is permanently available for consultation by the client’s team;
  • Online Support for Questions: during the entire implementation project the support staff of MPL is available to clarify doubts and answer questions from users;
  • Knowledge Absorption Test: all users responsible for the implementation of the tool by the customer will take a knowledge test to ensure the level required to implement the solution;
  • The project is managed by a highly qualified professional of MPL, who conducts and records all the steps to ensure the best progress, analyzing and resolving all contingencies that may occur with the knowledge and support of the customer;
  • All documentation of the project is published periodically on MPL’s website and the customer has exclusive access to closely monitor, quite clearly, the status of each step.

Services Package

The service package includes the availability of software (Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne), the required infrastructure and support for the end user, ensuring that your company does not need to worry about anything else besides its goals.

The software is made available uniquely using the infrastructure hosted in the cloud of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the largest provider of cloud computing in the world. With AWS, the infrastructure counts with all the advantages that only cloud computing can offer: elasticity, low cost, safety and speed for a service tailored to all business needs, without frights and without surprises.

The system is administered by MPL’s team, who is responsible for technical support, backups, patches and attendances to daily operation.

Support to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne users is performed by Support-fix team, an MPL service for JD Edwards customers, already enshrined in the market and that offers the entire economic tranquility and stability that the client needs to focus on its business.

Support-fix has highly qualified specialists with wide experience in projects and in all modules of the system, which will ensure the proper functioning through the best market practices and experience of who serves dozens of clients and has over 18 years of work with JD Edwards.

Fast Implementation Packages

The fast implementation packages offered by MPL are:

Fast Implementation Packages

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