Now you can get even better value from your existing testing product or service provider. Using Dimension Focus™ you can minimise the effort involved in preparing your test scripts and the charges payable to your test service provider as you can now identify what does NOT need to be tested.

Some benchmarks have indicated you could save up to 85% on your testing effort and costs by using Dimension Focus™.

ESU Impact Analysis

Dimension Focus™ is a software application that analyses the ESU (Electronic Software Update) code changes down to the event and function level.

We use our bespoke dependencies logic to find the top level standard and custom objects that the ESUs affect.

Unique Features

  • Dimension Focus™ builds on DWS’ spirit of innovation that led DWS to create its unique Dimension Analyze™ tools. Dimension Focus takes impact analysis to new levels of insight.
  • It analyses the impact on standard, copies and custom objects.
  • It grades the impact for each object by analysing the dependencies at the event level and figures out the scale of the impact that applying the ESUs has had on each top level object.
  • It creates a testing “heat map” to show the level at which the applications are affected, and those that the customer needs to spend the most amount of effort testing.
  • It enables you, the customer, to plan to which applications you need to give the maximum amount of testing time and, perhaps more importantly, those applications that are not affected so only require a minimal amount of testing.

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