Upgrade Services

A large number of JD Edwards customers around the World are considering an Applications upgrade of their OneWorld™/EnterpriseOne™ solution. When properly executed, an upgrade should benefit the entire business and not just the IT department. Customers are upgrading to improve productivity, streamline business processes, take advantage of newly available functionality, introduce better mobility to the workforce and finally to be on a fully supported release by Oracle.

DWS’ portfolio of upgrade services helps customers to find their way through the challenges of a typical upgrade.

Typical Questions from Upgrading Customers

  • How confident am I that my modification documentation is complete and 100% accurate?
  • Can I get hold of all the developers and consultants originally involved in my JDE implementation to help me work out what all the mods are or should be?
  • In cases of incomplete documentation how confident am I in the memories of those people originally involved in my JDE implementation to give me an accurate and 100% complete list of mods?
  • How certain am I that no mistakes have been made – and that undocumented modified objects don’t exist in my system?
  • Do I believe that the standard JDE Modifications Report shows me where ALL my modifications exist in the system?
  • Do I know what level of effort is involved in uplifting the modifications made at my current release to the new target release?
  • Do I know how many resources I will need and for how long?

Discover Dimension Suite and how it can help your business:

  • Dimension Analyze™ mitigates the risk of all these uncertainties by using a structured and tools-based approach (line-by-line code evaluation), saving you time and money.
    The award winning Dimension Analyze™ services have assisted customers in Europe, Australasia and North America with their EnterpriseOne upgrade projects.

Key Benefits

  • Decommissioning opportunities very attractive
  • Audit Phase results recoup investment – saves time & Money and reduces risks
  • Accurate & detailed estimates greatly enhance project planning
  • Eases headache of consolidating different E1 instances
  • Detailed reporting used to back up numbers put to board
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  • Dimension Tempo™ aim to reduce complexity and simplify your upgrade process and reduce the associated costs that can be smoothed out and budgeted for as an operational expenditure as opposed to a capital one.
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