Our Testing solutions help speed up the testing process each time one of our customers perform a major upgrade to their E1 system or perform a smaller code current uplift. We achieve this with our innovative software products developed using the unique experience we have gained over the years.

Our Unique Value Propositions

  • Reduces the effort, time and complexity of testing your JD Edwards system by up to 85%
  • Native E1 integration enables test scenarios to be built quickly and easily
  • Designed for end-users – no need for specialist test programming skills
  • Visual test impact heat-map identifies where you need to focus your testing efforts
  • Subscription based pricing makes it affordable and flexible
  • These two software products can be used independently or in combination for maximum benefit to perform an Upgrade Impact Analysis followed by Test Automation Management

Discover Dimension Test Suite and how it can help your business :


Dimension Focus™ is the first product available to JD Edwards customers that will analyze your whole EnterpriseOne system to identify exactly which objects are impacted by the new release, how significantly are they affected and guide your testing so you only need to test what needs testing. This can significantly reduce your testing requirements.

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Dimension SwifTest™ has been designed specifically for EnterpriseOne. It is the easiest way to set up and manage your testing without the need for specialist test engineers or programmers. Business Analysts and end users can now set up their own test scenarios quickly and easily using Dimension SwifTest’s automated script generation functionality.

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