Oracle Cloud: the new generation of cloud computing in Brazil

New analytic and collaborative Technologies with a Strong presence of mobile components are changing business processes and the way we work. Productivity is increased daily. Technology followed close and comes to a new era – the Oracle Cloud era – that brings ease of implementation and diverse applications to any business segment. Oracle Cloud is the broadest and best integrated ERP offer available in the technology segment.

Through the offer of best-in-class servives, software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), this new model allows your company to use the Cloud structure to its full potential. With this launch, Oracle expects to help organizations to thrust innovation and business transformation to reach new levels of agility, reduce costs and IT complexity.

Back Office, Customer Experience, Supply Chain and Industrial Solutions are just someof the  application  possibilities for Oracle Cloud SaaS e PaaS.

Learn in detail how this new technology works for every format (IaaS, PaaS e SaaS):

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Oracle Infrastructure as a Service features a high performance architecture that avoids excessive provisioning and provides a better computing experience with value and network performance.
Based on monthly subscriptions, Oracle provides a broad array of integrated and scalable service. Businesses may process any workload within a corporate managed cloud, organized and supported by Oracle. There are challenges to be met, here are some of them:

  • Complex and fragmented automation.
  • Infrastructure built upon heterogeneous hardware and software.
  • Use of specialized and rigid solutions built in SILOS.
  • Long set-up time (planning, purchase, installation and testing).
  • Incomplete view of infrastructure costs.

Oracle delivers a solution that solves all those challenges and others faced by modern IT managers. Oracle traced an encompassing IaaS strategy focused in delivering high end technology with reduced cost.

This strategy is based in providing computational capacity on demand and delivers total infrastructure control (security, governance and performance) using subscription models, thus allowing your IT to use technology with more nimble and efficient way for business processes.

The infrastructure of services available is:

  • Computação – Capacidade de computação elástica para atender às crescentes necessidades de negócios.
  • Armazenamento – Capacidade de armazenamento online à sua disposição.
  • Network –  Possibilidade de conexão do seu centro de dados com a Oracle Cloud seguramente.
  • Cloud – A entrega, em seu data center, de diversos serviços da Oracle Cloud.

PaaS (Platform as a service)

Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) helps IT companies and independent software developers to come up with new functionalities fast. They create and implement rich applications and extend Oracle Cloud applications using a corporate class cloud platform, based on the industry’s top web based database.

Here are the PaaS applications available at Oracle Cloud:

  • Data Management – Data managementservice on the cloud that provides a complete and integrated capability to build, implemente and manage data related applications. This module combines what’s best in security, availability, management and analysis applied to your business. It speeds-up innovation and agility for your company’s processes.
  • Application Development – Oracle development and application solutions provide a comprehensive suite of products and services to make simple and fast development.
  • Integration – the integration of the system to other componentes is simplified and intuitive, with optimized connections, fully integrated to IoT (Internet of Things) devices and the possibility of API management. The integration allows a unified and broad component group that fit perfectly the On-premise version, with real-time cloud data replication.
  • Management – OMC (Oracle Management Cloud) is an integrated on the cloud suite to monitor, manage and service analysis, built over a large and scalable data platform to provide real time analysis and in-depth technical and business knowledge.
  • Content and Process – Integrated suite for cloud service process allows collaboration amongst business users from anywhere, simplifying business automation through effective communication.
  • Business Analytic– Gain insight from every aspect of your business and discover new forms to generate strategy, plan and optimize your business. Have at the tip of your hands the most complete solutions to harness the power of information and make better decisions.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Reimagineyour business, processes and experiences. Oracle Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) applications provide speed and innovation from the best cloud software in a complete, safe and connected cloud suite.

Incorporating the state of the art practices, “built-in social”, mobile and annalytical capabilities, Oracle Cloud applications help you deliver experiences que your clientes expect and that will boost your performance in your business Market.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning – Simplify your company business with a Cloud ERP. It boosts your productivitiy, reduces costs and refines your control with Finance, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management and other suites.
  • Supply Chain Management – Built to handle modern supply chains, Oracle SCM Cloud delivers visibility to business processes, insights and capacity to build your own inteligente supply chai. Oracle SCM Cloud’s functionalies include product innovation, material strategic supply, manufacture outsourcing, integrated logistics, “omni-channel fulfillment”, demand planning and integrated supplies. You can set-up your supply chain with minimum effort, lower costs and maximum flexibility – all that with the benefit of continuous functional innovation.
  • Customer Experience – Organizations that search a competitive advantage may look at this application as way to engage their customers through digital and physical channels and improve retention, up-sell and brand positioning.
  • Human Capital Management – All modern Human Resources strategies are client centric and targeted at a constant hunt for talent. Oracle HCM technology offers a modern software with many benefits to help you find, engage and retain collaborative and smart human resources.
  • Enterprise Performance Management – Oracle EPM applications combined with the innovation and simplicity of the Cloud allow companies of all sizes to have predictable performance, reliable reports and a connected enterprise.
  • Analytics – Oracle Analytics Cloud solution delivers business analysis using traditional data and big data throughout the whole company. Built on Oracle’s proven technology and cloud infrastructure, Oracle Analytics Cloud is a portfolio of offers that fit your demands using your information and intelligence, big data analysis e SaaS analysis.
  • Social – Oracle’s vision is to allow companies to reach a better consumer understanding and engagement and heighten your workforce collaboration through social media. Each organization must have its tools to socially integrate departments for critical missions. We help you listen, engage, collaborate, manage and maximize social media to leverage business efficiency and client experience.
  • Data – Oracle Data Cloud allows you to use customer data to inform and evaluate your marketing. Data as a Service (DaaS) helps you connect to the right clients, personalize each interaction and measure each engagement effectiveness.
  • Industry Solutions – Seize our encompassing Oracle product portfolio to meet your specific industry demands. Solutions are designed for Financial Services, Communications, Consumer Goods and a lot more. Oracle paves the way for faster innovation, consumer experience improvement and better competitive edge.