Globalization. This is a theme ever more present in our daily lives and which directly impacts IT industry. The demands of a globalized world imposes increasingly competitive relations of consumption, where technological advances and innovative solutions are key tools to make the company competitive in a market increasingly diversified and demanding

For MPL, a company that has always had innovation as one of its pillars, being present in a mature market where new technologies and applications are born every day was a natural route.

In this scenario, MPL decided to face new challenges and in April this year started an operation in Europe, based in London, UK.

“After the decision to open an operation in Europe, London choice was the natural way, since it is one of the main cities in the world, strongly claim for innovative solutions and a gateway to the main European markets”,  said Oscar Luz, MPL President.

This new operation service offering combines the high quality, which has been always a key attribute of the services provided by MPL, with very competitive costs in the international arena. Another important focus of MPL UK is to search of innovative products and services that add value to its customers businesses.

With just over three months of operation, the MPL UK is beginning to get the first results:

“We are closing a partnership with one of the leading JD Edwards solution providers in UK, with a strong presence in Europe. Its products are truly innovative, bringing great benefits to both JD Edwards Enterprise One and World users. We are in final phase of negotiation and we will announce this new partnership very soon”, said Roberto Lima, International Director of MPL.

Now is just wait, as big news from the Old World are on the way!

MPL mark its presence in Europe