Celebrating the 30th anniversary in such an innovative and competitive market as the Information Technology industry deserves to be celebrated by everyone that contributed for this successful story: employees, directors, shareholders and business partners.

It was a long way until present days. Founded by two entrepreneurs that made their careers in renowned technology innovation companies in the 70s and the 80s (EMBRATEL and DATAMEC), MPL is today an IT industry reference. Mário Pinto da Luz and Walter Taveira capitalized the company achieving three desks, a few chairs, two “powerfull” CP 500 and an innovative PC. This is how MPL was born, on Almirante Barroso Avenue – Rio de Janeiro downtown, our first headquarter.

At that time, the companies were giving their first steps on internal informatization. Computers were only present on very large and global companies. The others used to hire Data Processing Services Bureau, such as DATAMEC to process huge amount of data.

With a strong  determination to bring innovation to its clients since its beginning, MPL helped dozens of companies to create strategies for their information systems developing the Information Directors Plans, nowadays called Information Systems Plan. For the most of these customers, MPL developed systems that allowed them to obtain competitive advantage on their industries by optimizing their resources or designing their applications improving their clients and suppliers experience. Looking through time tunnel, MPL has been following the Information Technology evolution  offering for each customer and for each business requirement the vanguard of solutions of Mainframes, Mini Computers, Local PC Networks, Client Servers, ERP, Internet, Mobile and IoT (Internet of Things).

All of us that are part of this winning team proudly celebrate this brand, and are highly determined to keep offering distinct solutions and services to our customers.

Oscar Pinto da Luz Neto