jd enterprise one iot

Industrial Companies all over the world have been using Traditional Systems M2M (Machine- 2 – Machine) for decades.

This segment uses these machines to collect information directly from the source, allowing an automatic integration with their business process. This integration promotes smarter decisions, reducing costs and creating new revenue streams.

With JD Enterprise One IOT Orchestrator, Oracle offers a solution that integrates the operational area within information technology, providing the mechanism and process to receive and consolidate the data from all kinds of devices, ensure the integrity of this data, and then sends for JD Edwards’s applications for analysis and actions.

But how JD Enterprise One IOT technology can be useful for your segment?

  • Tank level and Silos Stocks – Monitoring of water, oil and gas levels on storage tanks, cisterns and silos.

    For companies that depend on the quality of mixture and large liquid chemical components conservation, ” Tank level and Silos Stocks ” measurement is a functionality that only IoT technology can offer.

     Getting systematically measures of levels of quality, replacement , mixing and many other variables, all from your mobile screen, makes JD Enterprise One – Internet of Things ( IoT ) Orchestrator an innovation necessary for your business process.

  • M2M Applications (Predictive Maintenance) -Machine self -diagnosis and control assets.

    For segments that need continuous attention to many maintenance assets (Tractors, Trucks, and High Complexity machines), a predictive M2M MAINTENANCE application is essential to assist management process.

    Receive reports and diagnostics that predict when and how their machines will need maintenance is a guarantee that their assets will never stop for lack of planning,  ensuring the quality and the investment made on that machine.

  • Temperature Monitoring – Control of temperature inside industrial and medical fridges with sensitive merchandise.

    If your business processes depends on a continuous temperature control of your mix, the monitoring tool by IoT is able to control real-time temperature in medical and industrial ovens.

  • Meter (Odometer Machine)

    To have an effective preventive maintenance is necessary a constant monitoring of machines  odometer  and a prompt availability of this information into the system. With the IoT, you can have a real -time information and more effective preventive maintenance.

  • Pointing Hours and Quantity

    The Production Appointment by IoT reduces the use of paper to record  information and provides the company more information accuracy of . You can have real -time acesss to hours used machines, appointment of manpower hours.  All automatically without the need to use a .txt or XML interface, or an MES.

  • Picking and Receiving -Using active ( ZigBee ) and passive tags (RFID / NFC ) .

    The use of devices ( ZigBee ) and passive actives ( RFID / NFC ) to products inputs and outputs from/to company to speed up the information availability. Thus, the material that is coming will be available for consumption in less time. In addition low stock of the items sold  in less time. This gain in productivity and information accuracy can prevent differences between the physical stock and the stock registered in the system.

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