Industry 4.0 is a relatively new concept – created in 2010 – and describes a how industry will increase its performance through the use of enhanced computation capabilities and the colossal amount of data available. It is an exciting scenario to review strategies, adopt new technologies and production models to gain competitivity and cost reduction.

There is lots of opportunity for proccess automation, use of information technology and other solutions applied directly into the new manufature resources. This is being considered as the fourth chapter of the industrial revolution.

Industry 4.0 is based on a transformation of manufacture plants in “intelligent factories”, capable of using technology to increase productivity, efficiency, customization and better processes throughout all segments. Some of the foreseeable improvements are:

  1. Cost reduction – with better control of equipment and the supply chain through technology, comes better cost control and reduction.
  2. Better use of natural resources – with innovative technologies enable better proccess controls and thus a rationalized use of water, energy and the likes.
  3. Enonomy os feedstock – following the same logic, it i salso possible to reach new levels of feedstock control.

Those advantages already are in place. Enterprises that were the early adopters of Industry 4.0 technologies – internet of things, mobile technology, ERP softwares – amongst others. MPL offers a broad range of solutions to manufacture enterprises that wish to compete is this brave new world.

Meet our solutions for the Industry 4.0

Oracle JD Edwards: a robust ERP software with various applications and successful cases within the industrial segment. Get to know JDE features here.

JD Enterprise One – IoT Orchestrator: internet os things is one of the main focus of Indústry 4.0 and Oracle JD Edwards has an internet os things orchestrator. It assures that your business will use this integration to its full potential. Click here to know more about internet of things.

Corporate Mobility: know the main challenges and benefits of mobile technology in your processes.