Now we can reduce your test management effort and resource by up to 40% using Dimension Swiftest™.

Used in conjunction with Dimension Focus™ the savings can reach as much as 85%.

Test Automation Management

Dimension Swiftest™ is used to manage the automation of the testing effort, with the results of the tests being stored in the Dimension Hub in our secure Cloud.

Dimension Swiftest™ has been built from the ground up with native integration to JD Edwards EnterprisOne a core objective. Specifically Dimension SwifTest™:

Unique Features

  • Uses unique scanning technology to automate the generation of test scripts for all test scenarios.
  • Natively integrated with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to provide the easiest and quickest way to generate and edit test scripts for JD Edwards applications.
  • Test scenarios are easily updated and edited, unlike in traditional record and play products that require a whole sequence to be re-recorded each time a change is required.
  • Tracks the status of tests and their results.
  • Provides clear reporting on test results.
  • Pinpoints all test failures with user-friendly information regarding the reasons for the failures so the developers have everything they need to correct the issue.
  • Enables drill-down for more detailed analysis of test results.
  • When combined with Dimension Focus™, uses the DWS Best Test Approach for optimal testing of your JD Edwards implementation or upgrade.

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