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Implemented solution: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, version 9.1

Modules: Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Flow, Inventory, Purchasing, Sales & Billing

Insetisan was founded in 1952 and is a pioneer in the pest control industry. It is a company specialized in urban pest control, sanitation and water tanks cleaning. In addition to pioneering, Insetisan is the industry leader since its foundation, thanks to a policy of quality in care with highly qualified professionals and in constant training, coupled with the use of the most advanced products in the world. Insetisan has a Department of Intensive Control designed to meet the Corporate customers seeking quality, responsibility and good service. The company has ISO 9001 Quality Certification and therefore is able to meet the standards and conduct an effective fumigation.

The company used different independent systems which generated information islands once the systems did not talk to each other. They needed a complete ERP with easy navigation and insurance, to continue ensuring the quality of its service and support.

“We evaluated several ERP solutions and Oracle JD Edwards was chosen because of the advanced technology allied to greater adherence to our business processes.” says Claudio Mittelstaedt, IT and Processes Consultant.

The main benefits achieved from the use of the new solution are: better control of operations and stock; improved financial management of receivables; integration between the modules implemented; accounts controlled by Insetisan itself; easier information extraction among others.

“Spent almost a year in operation, we found that we have made the right decision.

The adoption of JD Edwards brought a productivity gain to various areas of business, providing greater reliability of information and more effective control of the company’s operations. ” concludes Claudio.


Success in Partnership MPL – Oracle and AWS
Implemented solution: Oracle JD Edwards EntrepriseOne, version 9.0 in the Cloud – Modules: Accounting, Budget, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Flow, Inventory, Purchasing Management and Sales Management. LG Sistemas is a Brazilian company specialized in software for human resources management. With the strength and experience of a company for over 27 years in the market, it offers a complete suite of products that help in the execution of HR activities. It currently has over 400 customers spread across the country, the most diverse industries.

The company began the selection process in 2012. The ERP in the Cloud of MPL, in partnership with Oracle and AWS, possessed better adherence to the company’s needs. The offer is a SaaS JD Edwards service with a range of services: infrastructure, licensing and user support, fast deployment and scalable.

The deployment finished in 01/01/2013. The signed agreement provides for use of AWS services for 3 years renewable.


New system solved problems left by the previous system and knocked number of tickets.

After facing a series of problems in the implementation of ERP Oracle JD Edwards, Udiaço – iron and steel distributor, invested in MPL Corporate Software, an IT company specialized in business management solutions for renovate, repair and support company.

“We had lost confidence in the consulting firm that implemented the JD Edwards with a series of failures. We needed repairs at the same time it continues to work as it was no turning back. Oracle indicated ten companies and we chose the MPL that ensured that we were not going to stop selling and receiving, and that we would have a good inventory control. At the end of the work everything was confirmed” says Adalberto Trevizan, Managing Director of Udiaço.

MPL conducted a survey and diagnosed errors in applications generation, invoice issue, shipping process, receivable notes generation among others. Work phases were carried out to repair and renovate the features and implementation of sales system.

After the overhaul the system started to work quickly on stock updates, sales, applications progress and financial controls. According to Trevizan, the expectation is that with better use of BI Publisher module you can perform cost studies, cost control, purchasing forecasts, budget and cash flow. “We believe that in three months we will reach this level,” he says.

In addition, the distributor hired Suporte-fix, a remote support to help users with requests relating to answering questions and solving problems or difficulties in using the software to corrective maintenance, evolutionary and preventive and bug fixes.

“When we started we had an average of 14 calls monthly to support and today we are with only four, thanks to corrections made by the two repair projects and also because of the quality of support service,” concludes Trevizan.


Petroserv is one of the major companies in the Oil & Gas industry that operates in the TRR market (Transportation, Reseller and Retailer of oil products), providing diesel oil, fuel oil, kerosene and a full range of lubricating oils and greases that serve carriers, fleet owners, companies, clubs, condominiums, operationalizing transport, delivery and storage of the fuel required for the operation of the company.

Because of the growth of its operations Petroserv decided to implement a new ERP solution. The chosen solution was Oracle JD Edwards and the project covered Finance and Distribution, and Logistics modules. The project lasted 12 months.

Before the adoption of the new solution one of the main difficulties the company faced was integration and standardization of processes of its branches in Macaé and Itajaí with the headquarter, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro. JD Edwards use managed to meet this need, enabling headquarters and branches to work following a single standard in all its operations, eliminating rework and significantly increasing productivity in the business processes.


Group which uses the platform over ten years, migrated operations to 9.1 with web server software.
After identifying the need for a solution to accompany the growth of Granado, a company that has been operating for 143 years in the cosmetics industry, invested in the ERP migration from Oracle JD Edwards B733.4 version to the latest, 9.1 using the Oracle WebLogic Server as a web server. To carry out the implementation MPL was hired.

Granado uses JD Edwards platform for over a decade and after the group consolidation in recent years, it became evident the need to update the ERP as the technology and software innovations are fully aligned with the best practices of the corporate market world and in synergy with the company’s strategy.

The manufacturer of cosmetics is MPL client in other solutions and the constant proximity and responsiveness whenever there is need, combined with the technical capacity of integrative practitioners, were decisive for the choice of the company.

At deployment the main challenge was adapting the users with web platform which felt a bit in the early tests. “A very difficult task was to adapt the satellite systems to the new version but all the work of IT teams of Granado and MPL made a difference to the operation’s success,” says Plinio Bellas, CIO of Granado.

JD Edwards is used in all areas of the company, ie sales forecasts start the process in MPS / MRP, which generate the data required for the production request raw material and packaging to shopping sector. Once manufactured and packaged, everything is transferred to the warehouse via EDI or AFV (Sales Force Automation) and applications are separated, conferred via data collectors connected to the platform and billed. After that, the accounting area works to produce the results, generating accounts payable and receivable.

“We can draw a parallel with the programs that were running in batch overnight and took about six hours, and now take an hour and a half. We did the first month of the closure in the new version and everything went without any disorder, “adds Bellas.

After deploying the solution, the company identified gains in technological developments, greater performance and quality of applications, scalability and a fully web platform.

“The tool is very stable and reliable. Our strategy of making a project by four hands with MPL was very nice and gave the expected result, such as a successful GO LIVE and training of my staff to the new version, “concluded Plinio.

Medidata has just established the SPED PIS / COFINS in JD Ewards. MPL consultants team worked hard for two months to develop the necessary SPED routines, adapted to the legal needs of Medidata and approve the testing through the validator program of IRS.

As this project was carried out by four hands, which had the support of IT and Audit teams of Medidata, the company reached the end of May ready to meet the legal deadline originally set by Revenue for delivery of the first SPED PIS / COFINS file.

MPL consultants team is constantly updated and is prepared to deploy SPED PIS / COFINS in ERP JD Edwards in an integrated manner to the tax solutions your company need: either through direct interface with the IRS or through integration with your taxes system.


Ancar Ivanhoe is one of the largest shopping mall in Brazil and acquired the Oracle BI Application suite for the whole financial area (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Flow, Accounting, Fixed Assets and Return). The BI Application will operate fully integrated with JD Edwards thus providing greater performance generating indicators and disseminating information.

With BI Application Ancar was hoping to streamline the entire process of financial analysis, enabling faster decision-making.

The Solution Oracle BI Applications to Finances consists of 255 reports and over 480 business indicators which are already built using the technology foundation of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition. Besides, all extractions of JDEdwards ERP database to feed these indicators are also already built reducing the project implementation time.


Ipiranga held the Go Live of the 8.9 version of the migration project for 9.0 JD Edwards Enterprise One.

The project was conducted by MPL together with Ipiranga team and featured over 15 MPL professionals in their implementation, involving about 30,000 hours in the period of nine months.

The approach adopted throughout the project was based on a technical migration, where all the objects from version 8.9 have been migrated to 9.0.

The migration included the Finance modules (Accounting, A / P, A / R, Budget, JOB COST and Fixed Assets), distribution modules (Inventory, Purchasing and Services Sales) and the Manufacturing Modules (PDM, Factory Floor , Cost, Quality, MRP and DRP), also including integrations with Banks, Shopping Portal, Siebel CRM, Sati (Tax Solution), ABADI (Billing), amongst other systems and solutions.

It also performed the migration of the operating system HP / UX to Linux, Websphere for WebLogic and Oracle 9i to 11g Bank.

The methodology used included the following steps: Planning, Technical Migration, Gap Analisys, Functional Migration, Test, Go Live and Stabilization.

The testing phase included two large simulations involving different areas and with the participation of more than 400 simultaneous users. This step also comprised performance and load tests.

The GO LIVE occured as expected and the first accounting closing required a closer monitoring of the project team due to existing integrations between different systems and platforms.

The Stabilization Phase lasted 40 days and the course of its operation was carried out monitoring of all operations in all units.

Betsy Ferreira, Coordinator of Administrative Systems & ERP Ipiranga, thinks the new version has brought the possibility of using the business intelligence contained in the ERP from the use of webservices and presents more usability of the web screens. The project’s strategy also allowed Ipiranga to upgrade its server farm which resulted in more agility to the process and to end users.

“A project of this size running on time and budget was a great challenge for us, depending on the complexity of business processes and amount of areas / users involved,” said Roberto Lima, MPL’s International Director. “This goal was achieved only thanks to the great commitment of the whole team (MPL and Ipiranga) and agility to solve problems” added Lima.


Tomé Engenharia is of Oracle JD Edwards platform user over three years and is currently in JD Edwards Xe version. In 2009 it was found that it was necessary to update its ERP platform and in October it started the competitive tendering process. Because of the age of its system Tomé evaluated what would be better: adopting a new ERP platform or migrate JD Edwards to the latest version 9.0. Another identified need was greater control of its projects which demanded a module for project management.

Oracle and a competitor of the same size were invited to participate in the selection, which would evaluate the adherence to processes and investment value categories. After four months of presentations the scope of alignment for the preparation of technical proposals began lasting two months. In a meeting with the key system users and the directry board the company chose to maintain Oracle JD Edwards system. On the last day of February 2010 was signed a software licensing agreement with Oracle.

A competition to hire the consulting firm that would be responsible for implementation was also open. MPL participated with other two companies and was chosen for introducing better scope, time and implementation methodology. The project is divided into 3 phases: technical migration, Oracle JD Edwards parameterization and configuration of Oracle Projects. “This project will be conducted in partnership with MPL Corporate Software and scheduled to end in October 2011. Agility, new features and friendly web environment are the main benefits that migration brings to Grupo Tomé business” ( Magazine Tomé NEWS – Year 8, # 26)

JD Edwards update version is at the core of the strategy for Tomé’s growth and modernization processes in 2011

“The strategy for Grupo Tomé achieve the increase of projected revenue was based on the decision to modernize the management system JD Edwards migrating from XE version to version 9.0. We opted to change not only to be in line with the latest technologies on the market as well as to reduce costs and optimize processes, thereby increasing our productivity, “said Douglas Pier Sobrido, Tomé’s IT manager in an interview for the magazine Partners Ecosystem at Oracle.

“MPL was already our supplier and submitted a proposal in line with our expectations with great cost / benefit. This gave us security”evaluated the Grupo Tomé’s IT manager also in an interview for the magazine of Oracle.

The Go Live took place in May / 2011 strictly on schedule, covering the six companies of Grupo Tomé, seven branches and more than three hundred users.

The project team included the participation of more than 30 people from MPL and Tomé.


Castrol Brasil Ltda. chooses Outsourced Support Services and Improves User Service
Castrol was established in 1899 and arrived in Brazil in 1957. Initially producing lubricants for industrial machinery, today operates in different markets: automotive, commercial vehicles and sports, nautical, industrial, aviation and agricultural.


– Eliminate isolated systems and decentralized platform to better manage business processes and support the company’s development
– Optimize support users and monitor the calls more accurately
– Answer customer demands quickly not depending on internal teams availability.


– Worked with MPL Corporate Software to centralize all purchasing processes, sales, fixed assets, accounts payable, receivable, accounting, tax and regulatory education, going to process a total of one hundred invoices a day
– Meet standardized and documented manner to JD Edwards users in Brazil and Venezuela
– Acquired ability to record the history of service and calls by monitoring the statistics of the problems faced by users
– Improved the demands and calls via web proactively.

“Working with Oracle is a very good and extremely positive feedback experience. Today, the company is able to measure and have more control over the amount of calls, including calls of statistics.”- Adriana Moraes, Systems Manager, BP Lubricants Latin America.