We at MPL believe in the arts and its power of transformation. We invest through the funding of literary, cinema and dance projects that promotes the Brazilian culture and good iniciatives tha carries our sense of nationality.

We also act as partners of NGOs in projects to broaden the horizon of less favoured young people. There is also some work done with the volunteering of our professionals.

Those are some of the projects we funded recently:

Art books:

2003: Brazilian vessels

2004: Ships and sailors

2005: Amazon

2006: Brazil by sea

2008: Brazilian islands

2013: Ball in the sack – Brazil in world cups 

2014: Lines and curves – the work of Oscar Niemeyer in Brazil


2006: Os Desafinados (Out of tune)

Direction: Walter Lima Jr.

With Claudia Abreu, Rodrigo Santoro e Selton Mello