Oracle and JD Edwards clients have had many discussions about the cloud. JD Edwards customers, like all owners of traditional business applications, are looking ahead to the future and considering how they may benefit from cloud technology.

Determining the right technology approach for your business is never an easy task. It can be especially challenging when considering changes to a solution as essential to your business as JD Edwards. As a result, many JD Edwards customers have questions about cloud technology, cloud applications, and the specific options that are available to them as JD Edwards and Oracle customers.

This document is intended to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions by JD Edwards customers about the cloud. Oracle hopes it answers your cloud-related questions in the same straight forward manner you’ve come to expect from the JD Edwards team.

As your technology partner, Oracle´s goal is to help your organization determine the right path forward in the cloud. We hope this document is informative and helps your organization evaluate the available cloud options.

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